Radar Research

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Integrated Robotics has been conducting research in miniature RADAR technology providing "self-adaptive" sense and avoid capabilities for A2G (Air to Ground), G2A (Ground to Air), OD (Object Detection) and ultimately A2A (Air to Air) sense and avoid to work in conjunction with ADSB.

In early 2016 we began research to develop a reliable wildfire detection system.  While using thermal cameras for detection is not new, our research determined that virtually all current systems are using modified CCTV or machine vision algorithms.  By comparison, our system detects fire patterns which means the ambient temperature at the detection location does not

effect the system's ability to detect a fire anomaly.  We have shown that we can accurately, with less than 2% false positive, detect a 1 sq. meter fire at a distance of 5 km (3.1 miles).  Additionally, this program is a mature system managing multiple thousands of camera worldwide in security, border control, marine, machine vision and custom applications.

Desktop Display of Fire Detection Program - GIS view with visible &     thermal image overlay

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